A citizen-based
solution for a community-wide problem

The Norman Stormwater Citizen Committee was formed on April 25, 2017. The Committee met every two weeks for a year to learn about stormwater problems in Norman and to develop options to fund the solutions critical to addressing flooding and water pollution issues across our community.

The sixteen volunteer members are not affiliated with the City. They are your friends and neighbors from across Norman. They are also long-time Norman residents and property owners from various professional backgrounds – engineers, water quality experts, finance and businesses owners.

The Committee will host several open houses in June and July to share information about the stormwater proposal, answer questions, and gather feedback from residents.

Citizen Members

  • Andy Sherrer, Co-Chair
  • Amanda Nairn, Co-Chair

  • Rachel Butler

  • Bret Cabbiness

  • Vicki Davis

  • Brian Ellis

  • Harold Heiple

  • Tom McCaleb 

  • Curtis McCarty
  • Chris Moxley

  • Michael Ridgeway

  • Neil Robinson

  • Bill Scanlon

  • Mike Thompson

  • Judith Wilkins

  • Lark Zink

Council liasons

  • Mayor Miller
  • Council Member Castleberry 

  • Council Member Hickman
  • Council Member Karjala

Meet the Committee


“Norman is a growing community and our infrastructure has not grown at the same rate that our community has.”

Vicki Davis, Stormwater Citizen Committee Member


“This is a community-wide problem and we look forward to finding a solution together with the entire community.”

Amanda Nairn, Stormwater Citizen Committee Co-chair


“Every time we add a house there is more runoff and flooding where people don’t expect it. So, we need to address both water quality to have beautiful streams that support wildlife and flooding as well.”

Rachel Butler, Stormwater Citizen Committee Member

“A utility fee in Norman will greatly, dramatically limit the amount of pollution and flooding that goes on.”

Judith Wilkins, Stormwater Citizen Committee Member


“My input has been to keep it fair and as low as possible because I don’t want anybody to feel that they need to spend any more than they have to.”

Tom McCaleb, Stormwater Citizen Committees Member


“It has been enlightening to listen to the varied opinions and debate the merits of having the stormwater utility.”

Bret Cabbiness, Stormwater Citizen Committee Member

“That flooding impact on my family was tremendous. In fact, today we still have the scars of that.”

Andy Sherrer, Stormwater Citizen Committee Co-chair


“Stormwater management is important to all residents… I care about a lot of other things that are related to the quality of life in Norman.”

Michael Ridgeway, Stormwater Citizen Committee Member


“We have one main source for water and that’s Lake Thunderbird… Stormwater is important to me because we have one shot at drinking water.”

Mike Thompson, Stormwater Citizen Committee Member


“We have knowledgeable group of people. We’ve gained a huge amount of insight from City staff who have brought information in that we really need to have.”

Neil Robinson, Stormwater Citizen Committee Member

“Our fellow Committee members are looking to find something that’s equitable and fair both to residents across the City and to businesses as well.”

Bill Scanlon, Stormwater Citizen Committee Member